Wistful Wanderings

"Wistful Wanderings" by Tara Deetscreek www.taradeetscreek.com
“Wistful Wanderings”
by Tara Deetscreek

I feel for the girl in this sketch. She looks off into the distance as if she’s longing for another place. Maybe she’s longing for home?  The one she left or one she hasn’t found yet? I wonder.

My artist friend, Tara Deetscreek (www.taradeescreek.com) drew this sketch using unprimed canvas, ink wash and colored pencil. She calls it “Wistful Wanderings” and the inspiration for the piece comes from my newly completed memoir, Finding Home with The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Billy Graham.

I am currently shopping it to publishers. But the publishing world is complicated in 2014. A lot more rides on the writer’s ability to market her own work. That’s where you, my friends, family and acquaintances come in. I’d be honored if you’d follow this meditations blog as I journey toward print publication. The more people interested in seeing my book published, the more likely my chances of publication in a saturated market.

In this blog I’ll update you on publication progress, and I’ll write here and there on themes I cover in my book, especially the one I see reflected in this artwork: the universal longing for a sense of home.