The Perfect Fit

It doesn’t look like this publishing deal I’ve been offered is the right fit.    My vanity and impatience would like to force the contract to work for me– like Cinderella’s stepsisters trying to wedge their feet into the wrong shoe. But all indicators (advice from lawyers and my agent) say, “Not the right fit for your book.” This is hard to hear. Because the aftermath of such advice means more waiting.  More waiting for the perfect fit to land at my doorstep.
Speaking of waiting, shoes and doorsteps…
Ace needed a new pair of sneakers, so we went to the store this Saturday.  We found a style to suit his narrow foot, but they didn’t have his size in stock.  We could order the shoes, and they’d arrive on our doorstep in 3 to 7 business days.  I knelt down to explain this to Ace.  Well, you can picture his reaction.  It’s the same one I had when I heard the publishing deal wasn’t right for me.
“But I want the shoes right now!!!”
On Sunday and Monday morning he lifted his moppy head from the pillow with, “Are my shoes here yet?”  I hated having to say, “Not yet, buddy.  But soon.”
Then yesterday we walked home from his preschool. When we turned up our street, the UPS truck pulled up to us. “Hey,” called the driver, “you live at 3405, right?  Left a package for you on your doorstep!”
Ace took off like a bullet in his worn out, tired old shoes.
Ace running for shoes
He ran all the way up our street, yelling behind him, “Come on, Mom! Come on Iris!” (Iris bouncing around in the stroller as we ran.) You’d have thought by our glee that it was a shoebox full of money  waiting for us.
I let him tear open the package.  Receipt, cardboard, that tissue paper they stuff into shoes flying all over our front yard. And then he slipped his foot into the new shoe, velcroed it in place and smiled up at me.
“The perfect fit, Mom.”
The perfect fit
I believe there’s a perfect publishing fit for my book.  When it comes, you can guarantee I’ll run toward it like Ace did.  Till then I lift my moppy head off the pillow each morning.  I pray, write, email publishers and help my kids put on their shoes.  When I watch Ace run fast in the sunshine, I squint and smile and lean into my faith.