• Hi friends,

    It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog.  I’ve been distracted by a writing project I hope to have completed this spring. And I’ve had my life shaken up a bit by some recent health challeng […]

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    God knows the number of hairs on your head but what about the number of teeth in your mouth? To what extent does God care for me, or my family?  Two years ago, our orthodontist friend said he’d fit Ace for so […]

  • Like most people around the world,  our family has not ventured too far in the past five months.  We haven’t taken any airplane rides.  The most we’ve done is drive to El Paso to shelter-in at my laws house […]

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    Another slow humid morning in central Texas.  The kids got up before me.  I see evidence of several bowls of cereal strewn around the kitchen counters. There’s been television.  A lot of it.  You know your kids […]

  • I’ve tried to write some thoughts during these days of sheltering-in. But I just keep coming back to questions, not answers. If I could, I would like to sit across from you at a bustling coffee shop and a […]

  • For about three weeks now, I’ve been counting.  Counting on the CDC to present me with concrete data, so that I know my risk level. I’ve been counting on disinfectant to do what the labels promise. Counting on m […]

  • On Sunday, Feb 16th my husband, B. Sterling completed his first full marathon.  He’d trained for it; his heart was in it, and he was determined to run the race, despite some worrying knee injuries.  Anx […]

  • In high school I faked an eye exam.  I drummed up all my acting skills and put on a little show for the optometrist, “Uh, hmm, I can’t quite read those letters.”  I paused for effect. Sigh. I used my smalles […]

  • Yesterday was the first day of school for both of my kids. Ace in 2nd grade. Iris in Kindergarten. I’ve been wrestling with all kinds of feelings about this milestone. For months I’ve been taking stock. I’ […]

  • Monday 5:59am Wake up from wine headache.  But more, a desire to read the Bible, and something else.  I turn on my sheets and see his familiar bulk.  I know. A thank you note for him.  Summer days have been ten […]

  • jessarcher wrote a new post 5 years ago

    “We can differ on immigration policy. But what we must agree on is that all immigrants are children of God and deeply loved by Him.” -Evangelical Immigration Table

    Last Friday while in El Paso visiting his […]

  • jessarcher wrote a new post 5 years, 1 month ago

    Both my kids will be in school in this fall. This is both sad and happy. Two days ago was my birthday.  I didn’t want to do anything special. Just our little domestic routines with maybe a nice alfresco lunch wi […]

  • For three years I collaborated with three other artists in Austin to create the exhibit, Refugee is Not My Name. Now, on the other side of the process, I can tell you some things I learned from the experience. […]

  • For 2019 I’ll be writing and curating my first poetry collection. I’ve gotten sidetracked for a few decades! Poetry is my first love in literature, and it’s time. Hoping to publish a collection of poems at the […]

  • Friends, B. Sterling and I are excited to share with you, our friends, about our new venture of Archer Collaborative.

    Archer Collaborative aims to elevate any event through
    crafted songs, talks, stories and […]

  • We’ve got just a few days till another Christmas. But for over a month we’ve all been forced to listen to Christmas tunes that stream constantly on the radio stations in town.  I figure that I’ve heard the standa […]

  • This past week, all of Austin was mandated to boil our drinking and cooking water. City officials said the drinking water had gotten muddied and potentially contaminated. So, like everybody else in town, I sighed […]

  • This month my husband, B. Sterling turned 40. He had an odd request for his birthday dinner: “Gather together a whole bunch of people who know and love me and let them roast me all evening long!” So that is wha […]

  • Hi all,
    Maybe you’re rubbing the beach sand from your eyes or once and for all rinsing the chlorine from your pool hair. Summer is drawing to a close. I’m actually not sad about that.  But I am somewhat dreading […]

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    It took almost a full week for me to stop compulsively checking my day-planner. We were officially on our summer vacation, but it didn’t feel like it. I still wasn’t mentally slowing down quite yet. It was lik […]

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