• If language weren’t a barrier with my students, I would tell them, I like the best of your country that I see in you. The parts of your cultural personality that have been hammered by evil governments. I would t […]

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    I remember when I got this driver’s license photo taken in 2006. I looked down at the expiration date on it and thought to myself, “May, 2018, wow, that’s a long ways off.  I’ll be nearly 41 years old then.”  A […]

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    On Thursday, March 22 Ashley St. Clair and I got to bask in the pay-off of 2 years worth of hard, creative work.  At Lewis Carnegie gallery that night, from 5pm-8pm  over 200 ticket holders streamed through t […]

  • Hi friends,
    There is so much evil lurking in the world…it’s tempting to allow myself to get paralyzed with fear or doubt in a supremely loving God.  But it’s now, more than ever, that we need examples of […]

  • Hi friends, in addition to it being the fast and furious holidays, the last month and half I’ve been swamped in my latest writing project: I’ve been finishing up the writing for a ten page magazine feature about […]

  • Moms and dads of small children need to find a way to reconnect with friends and family, apart from our kids. Too often I’ve made the mistake of scheduling a group play date thinking it will allow me time to c […]

  • A few weeks ago my neighbor friend and first time mom of a three week old asked if I could babysit, so that she and her husband could go knock a few back for her birthday celebration.   I was tickled and honored, […]

  • I thought I’d take a minute here to update you all on my writing endeavors.  I continue to promote my little memoir, Finding Home with the Beatles, Bob Dylan and Billy Graham through book signings and speaking […]

  • Miraculously the traffic wasn’t bad on my way to work yesterday morning. I had a few minutes to myself in the car. So I pulled up “A Washerwoman” by Pissarro, the featured painting on the Met’s Instagram feed fo […]

  • One of the only baby items I still own is a Graco Pack n Play. It folds up nicely into itself for easy storage. Ours has traveled on many airplanes all over the country. It was one of those baby gifts I received […]

  • At sixteen someone handed her a red Solo cup
    filled high with cheap beer
    and said, let’s go to talk to boys.

    She got a job and the cup turned to glass
    with wine smooth enough to make small t […]

  • Vacation gives you that mellow space to just settle in and be observant. The calendar is not pressing. No house to clean. Minimal work required. And if you’re lucky, someone saintly is keeping your kids for y […]

  • “Hey J, I think Iris is scared to go down the slide,” my husband says. “You need to get in there and help her.”
    Here we are again, another kids party with a bounce house, and I’m being overcome by bounce ho […]

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    My daughter turns three in two days.
    Then my little sister turns 36.
    Mother’s Day is next.
    And then my 40th birthday, in three weeks.
    I want to slam on the breaks,
    even as I mark down plans in my calendar f […]

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    I once heard a pastor say: “Do you know who is most excited on Christmas morning? Not the wide-eyed child, not the woman who thinks she might get an engagement ring. But the giver. The person who knows he’s giv […]

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    When you move around a lot you can’t purchase big souvenirs. Big stuff means big moves. Means more packing. Means you need more space to show it all off. So during our years on the road with the BGEA my parents m […]

  • I still don’t know which light switch does what.
    Which way do I turn the key to lock this door?
    What day is trash day?
    Does this window face west?
    It’s too hot. It’s too cold. Squinting at an unfamiliar the […]

  • Never Say Never
    I taught for ten years in middle and high school English classrooms. Then I published my first book and stopped teaching altogether.   I wanted to focus solely on my writing career. So I was p […]

  • In addition (and in perfect compliment to) free-lance writing, I’m teaching English One a few hours a week to refugees from around the world.
    I stand up in front of them everyday and I see the questions about m […]

  • We think we’ll remember details. But if we don’t write them down we forget. Before I move out this little house I want to describe some of the sounds that make this little house what it is.

    At this hou […]

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