"How we spend our days is of course, how we spend our lives."
- Annie Dillard

About the Author

Jess Archer is a free-lance writer. She’s written for Christianity Today, and is a member of The Writer’s League of Texas. Jess has lived and traveled throughout Asia and Europe, watching, learning, and honing her writing skills. In dedication to her craft, she regretfully went without a shower for 10 days at a remote writer’s colony in Thailand.
Jess Archer’s first book is entitled, Finding Home with The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Billy Graham. In this tender memoir, she details her gritty struggle to find the meaning of “home” in a childhood without one.
Jess and her family moved every year of her childhood with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, with Jess’s father, Rick Marshall as director of crusades for 25 years.
Jess lives in Austin, Texas with her folk musician husband, B. Sterling Archer and their two children. Together they make tens of dollars! Jess wears real cowboy boots, eats chips and queso as often as possible and writes every day, whether she feels like it or not.