Quick! Realtor Showing Our House in 15 minutes!

Grab laundry basket. Dump clean (wrinkled) pile back into the dryer.
Drop clutter and counter top objects into basket: coffee maker, toaster, baby’s toys, bills, magazines, TV remote, phone cords, stuffed animals, homework: all into basket. Slide basket into corner of garage.
First the toddler’s room. Empty diaper pale. Hide pale in closet. Straighten crib sheets. Resent this need to pretend. Tidy anyways. Toddler crying. “Why are you hiding my toys?” Hug toddler. Steer her out of tidied up room.
Then the 6 year old’s room. Toys on every corner of the floor. Markers without caps against baseboards. Panic.   I need another laundry basket. Make do. Toys into hamper. Markers into box. I’ll find caps later. Wipe baseboards fast. Sweating now.
Bathrooms. Yuck. Toothpaste drool against side of sink. Spray everything with cleaner. Wipe with frenzy. Close toilet lid. Flush.
Almost done. Double check master. Clean enough.
Shoes on. Let’s go. Locking door.
The dog!
Kids and dog into car. Pull up trash can. Start the car.
Exhale . Drive to Target. Ramble around and pray someone falls in love with our little house.


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