What is Archer Collaborative?

Friends, B. Sterling and I are excited to share with you, our friends, about our new venture of Archer Collaborative.

Archer Collaborative aims to elevate any event through crafted songs, talks, stories and multi-media. We’ll collaborate with event planners to marketing teams to anyone in charge of hosting an event.  We can create the whole presentation or thread together the themes and topics before, after, or in between keynote speakers.

What is Archer Collaborative?

Our goal is to make every event more impactful- conferences, fundraisers, churches, retreats, workshops, and much more.

We’re a husband/wife team. B. Sterling is an award winning singer/songwriter, and Jess is a published author, speaker and poet.  We’re both seasoned story-tellers and gifted educators. Together we believe that crafted songs and stories turn a good event into a great one!  

Where We Need Your Help

We’re asking for your help to attract new opportunities for Archer Collaborative. Here are some really simple ways you can help us gain traction:

  1. Watch our 1 minute promo video below & visit our website: http://archercollaborative.com to learn more.
  2. Connect us (through e-mail) to the best three contacts you believe we could have a conversation with about what we do.
  3. Let’s talk! Contact us for a face-to-face or phone conversation about Archer Collaborative for your next event.

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