The Falling Leaf

Perhaps you find yourself lowly in spirit right now. Shabby and lowly. You think to yourself, But it’s only the start of the school year. How can I already feel so threadbare?
In fact, that’s a curiously favorable place to be. Jesus said, “Blessed are the lowly in spirit “(Matt 5:3). Blessed are you if you find yourself at the end of your rope.
Resist the urge to rescue yourself from the threadbare place inside with trivial fixes to the outside. Instead, come to Psalm 22 lowly. The psalmist will put your very groanings into words. They were our Lord’s words on the cross. Meet the broken Savior there again.
Then you’ll be ready for the restoration we are promised in Psalm 23.
Now it is October. You might be walking or driving and see a leaf fall from a tree. Ask Him to help you comprehend the falling leaf. Ask Him to meet you in your lowly place and reveal what in the world it means to be blessed for it.