A late Summer Update

Hi all,
Maybe you’re rubbing the beach sand from your eyes or once and for all rinsing the chlorine from your pool hair. Summer is drawing to a close. I’m actually not sad about that.  But I am somewhat dreading the accelerated pace that the school calendar brings.  So, since I’m finally opening my calendar again, I thought I’d take a just a few minutes to update you on my writing endeavors.
Refugee is Not My Name has experienced huge success this summer.  http://refugeeisnotmyname.com Ashley St.Clair (photos), Aaron Weiss (film) and I exhibited the the show at the brand new downtown Austin central library all summer long.  Hundreds and hundreds of people saw and experienced the exhibit.  We heard and felt their positive reactions all over social media.  The Austin American Statesman ran an article about it.  https://www.mystatesman.com/entertainment/arts–theater/real-women-have-curves-play-comes-austin/dGbJCsILo2xdmM4Wn4jQnO/

In addition, Aaron and I were guests at the KOOP Austin radio station this July.  Ashley couldn’t make it that day for the interview, but Aaron and I talked about our inspiration in creating the exhibit, as well as personal highlights. You can listen to that interview here: https://www.radiofreeamerica.com/show/volumes-koop-radio
This summer a fellow creative, Nelson Guda also hosted Ashley, Aaron and myself on his podcast, Unbound.  We invited one of the participants from the project, Jasmin Kalic to join the podcast interview.  Jasmin is a refugee from Bosnia.  He adds a distinctive voice to the project, as he has now lived in Austin longer than he lived in Bosnia. He added humor and insight to that podcast.
The next stop for Refugee is Not My Name is on the EAST tour.  http://east.bigmedium.org/
EAST is held in Austin Nov. 10-11 and then again from Nov. 17-18. Refugee is Not My Name will be open and accessible to the public during those two weekends that celebrate Austin art.
And then finally, Ashley, Aaron and I got confirmation that Refugee is Not My Name will be on display at the Texas State Capitol building in March, 2019!  This is an incredible honor.  Here you can see our exhibit listed on the official capitol calendar. https://tspb.texas.gov/plan/events/tcapcal.html
I cannot over emphasis what an honor this is for the three of us.  To have the faces and stories of these refugees seen before Texas lawmakers  and tourists will be a dream come true.
This fall, I am writing for various local magazines and doing some speaking engagements.  Keep in touch on social media. Or better yet, drop me a hand-written note in the mailbox.  I will treasure it.  Thanks for the love and support.