The Time Has Finally Come!

Hello friends, happy 2016!
I am so pleased to let you know that my little memoir, “Finding Home with the Beatles, Bob Dylan and Billy Graham” is now available for purchase online.

Here is how to purchase my book online:
1. If you are ordering my book, I prefer that you use the publisher’s website:
WestBow Press
Once at the bookstore page, just type in my name,
Jess Archer. You can buy either the hardback or soft copy.
2. You can also purchase my book from Amazon in both print form and ebooks.

Please note: If you contributed $100+ to my campaign, you will receive a free, signed copy of my book from me within the next two weeks. Look for it in the mail!

Once you have my book, (and hopefully enjoy reading it) I would love it if you continue to support me by any or all of these ways:
1. post a selfie on Facebook (Jess Archer) or Instagram  (jessarcheryes) of you holding my book. Add the link where people can buy it.
2. Email friends and family with a link to my website:
3. Tell your friends and family about my book.
4. Text friends and family a photo of the cover of my book with the tag: read this book!
5. If you write a blog, consider doing a review of my book in your next post.

Drop me a note any time! Love and blessings in 2016.
Love, Jess Archer