Racing Pony

Between Fort Stockton and Balmoreah, someone thought to stencil a racing pony on a slab of concrete by the side of I-10. Twice I year I catch a glimpse of this galloping black pony as I barrel down the hot highway toward El Paso.
It looks as though the concrete slab was once part of an imposing gate, perhaps the entrance to a cattle ranch.
I’ve never stopped the car to get out and look at the stencil. I wish I could, but I think of it too late. I remember that I want to get a close up look at the painted pony, right as my car is zooming past it at 80 miles per hour. For the next 25 miles I’m left wishing I had remembered to stop and get out, get up close.
What is it about that pony stencil that I like so much? It’s the horses legs. All four legs are elevated, tucked in, that nanosecond of time in which a horse is completely levitating as it races. Sometimes photographers catch this precise moment at The Kentucky Derby, and you see the photograph on the cover of Time magazine a week later. For one split second the winning horse is flying, all four legs off the ground. Magic.

Such is the painted pony on the concrete slab off the hot highway on I-10. Levitated, untouchable, mane and tail holding on for dear life.
I want to make sure I’m running right. And by right I don’t mean ethically or morally. I mean by a calling, a boom! there goes the gun, and I’m flying in the race for which I have been and am being trained. I’ll never experience that nanosecond of celerity if I’m not.
I’ve got things I want to accomplish over the next two years. I want my first book picked up by my parent publisher, Zondervan, and printed, distributed and marketed on their dime. And I want to be laying under a shade umbrella somewhere in Mexico when I get this news.
And then I want to publish my first collection of poems. I have big hopes for my first poetry collection. I plan to blow your mind. I plan to reintroduce poetry to an entire demographic. I guess this is called driven. But that word doesn’t move me. The stencil of a racing pony does.

The Time Has Finally Come!

Hello friends, happy 2016!
I am so pleased to let you know that my little memoir, “Finding Home with the Beatles, Bob Dylan and Billy Graham” is now available for purchase online.

Here is how to purchase my book online:
1. If you are ordering my book, I prefer that you use the publisher’s website:
WestBow Press
Once at the bookstore page, just type in my name,
Jess Archer. You can buy either the hardback or soft copy.
2. You can also purchase my book from Amazon in both print form and ebooks.

Please note: If you contributed $100+ to my campaign, you will receive a free, signed copy of my book from me within the next two weeks. Look for it in the mail!

Once you have my book, (and hopefully enjoy reading it) I would love it if you continue to support me by any or all of these ways:
1. post a selfie on Facebook (Jess Archer) or Instagram  (jessarcheryes) of you holding my book. Add the link where people can buy it.
2. Email friends and family with a link to my website:
3. Tell your friends and family about my book.
4. Text friends and family a photo of the cover of my book with the tag: read this book!
5. If you write a blog, consider doing a review of my book in your next post.

Drop me a note any time! Love and blessings in 2016.
Love, Jess Archer

Drum roll, please… the Cover of my First Book!

On this first day of 2016, I am so pleased to reveal to you the cover of my first book, “Finding Home with the Beatles, Bob Dylan and Billy Graham.” Artist, Tara Deetscreek painted the image, and the design team at WestBow Press arranged the graphics. I am smitten with the results.
My little memoir will be available for purchase in a just a few weeks! Stay tuned. Thank you for cheering me on!!!FullSizeRender

I Get by with a Little Help from my Friends

“I get by with a little help from my friends.” I love The Beatles. (Clearly, I named my memoir in part because of their iconic music.) For the last two months, I have completely gotten by financially with a little help from you, my friends and family. As you know, I’ve been raising support to self-publish my book, Finding Home with The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Billy Graham.

My original financial goal was, $9,000. Through big and small donations, I have raised $4,515!

I am writing to some of you who have already contributed, and to some of you who have said you would still like to give a donation. I plan to end my fundraising campaign in the next two weeks. That is, by the end of August.  Jess’s Go Fund Me account

How I’ve applied your contributions

  • $3,149 for printing, editing, layout, design and consulting services to West Bow Press. In addition, when my book is launched this fee covers Google ads, Amazon ads and Barnes and Nobles “Preview” features.
  • $1,200 for copyright permission to use The Beatles lyrics in my book
  • $250 to the artist who painted the book cover design.

As you can see by the numbers, the money friends and family have contributed was essential to the cost of publishing my book in a timely and professional manner. In every way, God is in the details! B. Sterling and I are overwhelmed with gratitude for your help in making this dream come true for me.

When my book is printed and ready to be launched (December, most likely) in bookstores and online, I will need to do some small book tours and readings. This requires traveling expenses and reprints of my book for promotional purposes. If you would still like to contribute to these expenses I would be very grateful.

I will keep the Go Fund Me accound open till the end of August if you would still like to contribute.

I am so thrilled that soon I will be able to share my memoir with you.